Why do you need CGLD, CSLV and CPLT?

I. Defense of inflation

CGLD, CSLV and CPLT employ the gold, silver and platinum standard, meaning that each CGLD, CSLV and CPLT is put in circulation and correct corresponding amount of gold, silver and platinum bullion is held in Coineru Reserve. The scarcity of gold, silver and platinum will effectively limit devaluation as compared to the devaluation issues that fiat money faces currently and unlock the untapped valuation potential of real physical gold silver and platinum ownership in the form of instantiations secure financial system becoming the new form of global money.

II. Ultimate safe haven

Although gold, silver and platinum are no longer the basis of the international monetary system, their statuses as a bastion of stability has endured, a role which has become increasingly important in today’s uncertain environment. Over the years, gold, silver and platinum’s reputation for safety and stability has made it a mainstream for investors seeking to safeguard the long-term value of their capital.