Our Vision

Coineru is based on a clear vision of the future new economy and blockchain-based financial operations that will be much faster and secure than the existing ones.

A full-fledged functioning of the global financial ecosystem based on Coineru will be the core of the infrastructure being created.

Eventually, this ecosystem will become the basis for the creation of a new financial world based on Coineru’s first universal multi chain technology where any intermediaries will be completely excluded.

Coineru is efficient and beneficial for the new economy because of the stability that precious metals bring.

The key point of Coineru vision is the consistent incorporation of real money which (backed by precious metals), unlike the fiat ones, will hold real value thus making economic relations more stable and productive.

Any cryptocurrency, as well as fiat money, is underlain by the trust of those who use it. This trust is based on the ability to efficiently use the cryptocurrency and on understanding that it is supported by efficient structures. High volatility of the existing cryptocurrencies and the loan debt burden on fiat money makes the existing financial system extremely unstable.

Coineru supports and develops the cryptocurrencies, which will be backed in gold, silver and platinum protecting the global economy from financial crisis. That’s why Coineru Reserve Inc is a company engaged in world trade and exchange of precious metals GGLD, CSLV and CPLT coins are the new money backed by gold, silver and platinum of real value. Each day, cryptocurrencies are getting more and more spheres of application, they are continuously perfected technologically; they acquire a new functionality and, unlike fiat money, are evolving. Coineru coins CGLD, CSLV and CPLT are this evolution.

Coineru Reserve Inc will manage blockchain-based proof of physical gold, silver and platinum ownership PPGO, PPSO and PPPO for the benefit of its customers.

Due to these global changes and visionary activities, Coineru will continue lead the process of conventional economy transformation becoming the pioneer and leader of the new multichain financial network of the world.