Cryptocurrencies backed by Gold, Silver and Platinum Holdings

CGLD, CSLV and CPLT are the first in the world cryptocurrencies backed by physical precious metals holdings.

CGRX is the first global cryptocurrency backed by precious metals via streaming agreements with companies in the mining space.

Coineru is a storage of value, medium of exchange and real money. Coineru is the fastest, most secure and trusted way to gain exposure to cryptocurrency markets. The permission-less technology, on which Coineru is built, allows anyone in the world, who has access to the internet to send and receive cryptocurrencies instantly, without a middleman.

Where can I buy CGR assets

Buy Gold, Silver or Platinum at



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  • Precious metals based cryptocurrencies

  • Swiss regulated
    precious metals and
    crypto-Fiat exchange

What is Coineru

Coineru is an irreversible electronic payment system. It has three coins, Coineru Gold (CGLD), Coineru Silver (CSLV), Coineru Platinum (CPLT), and Coineru X (CGRX), also known as the currency of life. It is a multi–chain financial network based on precious metals, that act as a stable alternative to the current global payment system. It has lower fraud risk to buyers, by allowing payments without sending sensitive information, like credit or debit card details, to the seller. With Coineru, there is zero risk of inflation, it has reduced transaction fees and each transfer is instantaneous. It is easy to use in any situation, no involvement of any third party because the entire process of Coineru transactions is peer to peer. No one can freeze, tax or claim your coins. They cannot be stolen and cannot be seized by any government. Payments occur instantly in comparison to standard credit card or bank settlements.

With Coineru, there is no risk of chargebacks, because once you send Coineru to another wallet the transaction cannot be reversed..

Each Coineru transaction is anonymous and it is signed only by the person who holds the private keys, before it is sent to the Coineru multi-chain, which makes the process extremely safe. Coineru can be used 24/7, 365 days of the year unlike banks, financial institutions and governments. Coineru is open source and has a limited supply of coins.

All finalized transactions with Coineru multi-chain are available for everyone to see; however, the personal details remain hidden. Coineru protocol cannot be controlled or manipulated by any person, organization or government.

What problems does Coineru solve

The current global financial system is based on debt. It is controlled by central banks, financial institutions, intermediaries and governments. It is inefficient, fragmented, expensive and time consuming. Different monetary policies around the world include quantitative and monetary easing. By constantly increasing the supply of money, central bankers keep our financial system in a state of anesthesia. The economic symptoms include: global distortion in asset markets, rising wealth inequality, misallocation of resources, bubbles in all asset classes, increased interest rates and higher risk globally. As a result of irresponsible money printing, governments and the global society has entered a the spiral of debt. Coineru solves these problems by providing a new safe haven asset class to investors, where value is derived from the security and speed of its block-chain, the irreversibility of its electronic payment system, the price of Gold, Silver, Platinum and the removal of the middleman.

Coineru Gold

  • Coineru Gold, with ticker symbol CGLD, is backed by one ounce of Gold holdings.
  • Each CGLD can be transferred to your Bankor card, or used as a payment method anywhere in the world by sending it directly to another wallet.
  • CGLD is governed by the proof of gold ownership (¨PGO¨)

Coineru Gold


1 ounce of Gold

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Coineru Silver

  • Coineru Silver, with ticker symbol CSLV, is backed by one ounce of silver holdings.
  • Each CSLV can be transferred to your Bankor card, or used as a payment method anywhere in the world by sending it directly to another wallet.
  • CSLV is governed by the proof of physical silver ownership. (‘’PPSO’’)

Coineru Silver

1 cslv

1 ounce of
Silver holdings

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Coineru Platinum

  • Coineru Platinum, with ticker symbol CPLT, is backed by one ounce of platinum holdings.
  • CPLT can be transferred to your Bankor card, or used as a payment method anywhere in the world by sending it directly to another wallet.
  • CPLT is governed by the proof of physical platinum ownership. (‘’PPPO’’) Coineru Platinum 1 CPLT 1 OUNCE OF PLATINUM HOLDINGS.
Coineru Platinum

1 cplt

1 ounce of
Platinum holdings

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Coineru X

  • CGR acquires and manages precious metals streams and, in rare cases, royalty interests, to back our CGRX cryptocurrency.

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